Six Word War

Real stories from Iraq and Afghanistan in just six words. Share your #sixwordwar story with us. In partnership with Six-Word Memoirs and SMITH Magazine @sixwords #sixwords

Welcome to Six Word War

Welcome to Six Word War. Instead of a book about Iraq or Afghanistan that tells one soldier’s perspective, Six Word War is the first ‘crowdsourced’ war memoir that will tell a story different than any other ever told about war. For the first time in history, one book will contain the collective experience of our military at war in their own words.

Sometimes veterans have funny stories to tell and sometimes they’re tragic. Not every story on its own could justify an entire book, but that’s what we think is incredible about this project. The thousands of stories that we’re gathering tell the real story of Iraq and Afghanistan - a story that couldn’t possibly be told by one person.

This project is being run by Shaun Wheelwright and Mike Nemeth, both US Army veterans. Mike and Shaun met as West Point classmates at the United States Military Academy. Shaun went on to deploy to Iraq from 2007-2009 with the 1-27 Infantry, 25th ID. Mike was injured prior to a deployment and left the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant. 

We launched this site and a Kickstarter campaign earlier in the 2013 and have been overwhelmed and thrilled with the response. You can share a six word war story with or without a picture using the ‘submit your story’ option at the top of this page.