Six Word War

Real stories from Iraq and Afghanistan in just six words. Share your #sixwordwar story with us. In partnership with Six-Word Memoirs and SMITH Magazine @sixwords #sixwords

Comms finally up. Don’t touch anything!
Forward23. OIF ‘03-04.
We don’t carry empty weapons. ever.
10th SFG RPC
Why on earth did I volunteer?
Task Force Kandahar 2011
Stryker’s on fire? I’ll need Rip-It’s!
Arghandab River Valley, OEF XII-XIII
Don’t look at nametags of dead.
Young, Naive. Friends, Lost. Forever Changed.
MEDEVAC swoops in. Another life saved.
you will never really understand it!

you will never really understand it!

We watched, in Awe - Thank You
IDF Impact take cover, don IBA.
Hated going. Want to go back.
We made killing an efficient business.
Carried brethren spiritually. Brought new hope.
E. Nagel, SPC
I only sleep because of booze

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