Six Word War

Real stories from Iraq and Afghanistan in just six words. Share your #sixwordwar story with us. In partnership with Six-Word Memoirs and SMITH Magazine @sixwords #sixwords

Reflective belt plus clear eyepro: invincible.
Jason Hinrichs
Contracting Money: good soul buyback program.


Afghanistan, Iraq. 2001-2007

Thanks for your service. Yeah, right.
Cdn Forces TF Kandahar roto 10
Love us like we love America.
Fear. Suffering. Despair.
Children’s hopeful eyes.
Gabe Ledeen, Haditha, Iraq, 2006
Five names on a black bracelet
Sleeping with Iraqi nationals on deployment
So long ago, tonight it returns
Entire intelligence community a sick joke.
Tactical SIGINT
Lots of sleep gone forever. Why?

Lots of sleep gone forever. Why?

burqa hides vest. explodes. flesh flies.
Kandahar 2011
Back to back deployments. Miss you.
Iraq, while my husband was in Germany.  We missed each other in country by nine days.
I’ll never forget what I saw.
Afghanistan - Kabul
Skype sex? Where’s the porta potty?
Unsecured LZ, picking up body bags.